This is the Lord

April 30, 2023
I have to keep outpouring until My church becomes free. And I cannot take them into revival until they’re free because if they don’t recognize their freedom, they will trip along the way, and all the work that I’m doing through the church will have to be stopped and revival will never be accomplished.

So, I’m looking for churches that are ready. I’m looking for men and women of God that are ready to allow My Spirit to fill them. To completely and fully filled them. If they will receive this, I will fill them to such a capacity that when they sleep, they don’t need to sleep very long. When they’re awake, they can’t help but see people differently.

They want to move forward at a level that they’ve never moved. I’m telling you, that if you allow My Spirit to fully fill you and if you will not allow any of the hindrances and the walls to distract you, I’m telling you, not only will the barriers be broke, but I’m telling you people will come into the kingdom.

You will make a difference and when you make that difference, I will continue to move forward until My return. And if you continue to do such things, I will change governments because the church is getting right. I will change governments and I will change the land. The land will be more prosperous and the devastation and calamities that you see, you will see them subside.

You will see them dramatically decrease and you will see wealth and prosperity. You will see health and purpose being fulfilled through the church.

But My church needs to be ready. They are not ready for Revival. I need to refill them. They forgot Me long ago and because they have forgotten Me long ago, I have to refill them. I have to refill until it is fully complete to send them out says Jesus.

That's Why

April 30, 2023
We have to keep pressing.  
The Lord says, “I’m not looking for this outpouring to be headline news. That was the problem with Ashbury, it became headline news. The reason I do not want it to be headline news because it still glorifies man. Everybody cares about what man is doing and saying. I want to be the Author and the Finisher of this thing. The outpouring will continue to go and as it goes, it will morph into something when My church is truly complete. As they become complete it will morph into something more. And then when it breaks into revival, then the world will come. But the church needs to get it together before we worry about the world.”