Hello Everyone,

Recently Governor Newsome gave us some new restrictions concerning houses of worship. Earlier this week he declared that all houses of worship can no longer sing nor chant which is another form of prayer and worship, along with the new mandate for wearing masks. The  result is we are now having to discern and determine how we are going to remain open without violating these restrictions and putting the church in a bad situation.

Our local government has declared they would enforce any violations of these restrictions. Prayerfully and with much wisdom we realized remaining open could cause some serious problems with news media outlets, surrounding community, local politics and social justice reformers (instigators).

So at this time in order to avoid such problems and to keep the church from being at risk from potentially problematic individuals, we have opted to protect the church from those who could create such problems for our church members.

Continue to pray for our local government, churches and state as we need God more than ever. Until further notice, services will be cancelled.  During this time we will be posting our messages to Youtube and PHC Website.

We love you all very much and pray that this will end soon.
God bless Pastors Paul and Cindy Ceccato

Who We Are:

We are passionate people, who are motivated and stirred by an authentic move of God.

What to Expect:

When you visit, you will be met by friendly people who care about others.

    Service Time
    10 am - 11:30 am

     6515 Fruitvale Ave. - Bakersfield Ca 93308  (GO TO MAP)

      Energetic, Exciting and full of Expectation

      Casual and Comfortable  (Blue Jeans)

All have come from different places, with diverse backgrounds.  Although some are still searching, many have experienced the life changing restoration that comes through the grace and power of God.

Sunday Event
A perfect blend of Worship and God's Word.

Children's Ministry
We provide child care infant thru 5th grade.  PH Kids Sunday School is a safe place for your child's growth.  All Children are taught age appropriate Bible lessons.

Free Gift
We have a free gift for you, when you visit as our special guest for the very first time.

Every Sunday, people just like you attend PHC for the first time. Our Prayer is that when you attend, it is a life-changing experience.