Our Mission

The Mission is the heartbeat of our ministry. Everything we do revolves around the DRL's.

  • Dedicated to Raising Leaders
  • Determined to Restore Lives
  • Desperate to Reach the Lost

Our Focus

  • Sunday Services
  • Social Groups (Mid-week Bible Studies, Leadership Training)
  • Outreach
  • Media (Social media, audio and video production)


Our ministries are designed to be very intentional and highly focused on the mission and vision. Their sole purpose is to minister restoration and build community.

The Future

  • Leadership Conferences
  • Internship Program (Leadership and ministry training)
  • Campus Churches
  • Produce Quality Products (Sermons, Leadership, Clothing)
  • Church Alliance (Covering for Churches and Ministries)
  • Alliance Bible and Leadership Academy (A degree program in Bible Education and leadership for ministry)

We have a God-inspired call to share restoration and Gods power to this generation.